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6 Suggestions For A Trendy Workspace

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 So, it's been a year since you started working from home.How has it been for you? There were and still are many benefits to thus right? Like:

  • Not being stuck on the N1 traffic for those driving or trying to get to the N1 from Midrand's New Road in Gauteng., Oxford Street traffic jam in East London and the search for a safe parking spot.
  • For those using the Gautrain, not squeezing uncomfortably in the train that is clearly full, ignoring all those stares that encourage you not to come in, to rather wait for the next one.

OR- Did you go from loving being at home, working in any outfit (mostly PJs) and only wearing work clothes for you virtual meetings to missing your office space, the cleaning lady and her stories, the security guard or even your boss?

Do you miss having a dedicated, clean space which to work from? Do you miss the office?

How is your home office in 2021? No really, how is it? Not the background you show us during the virtual meetings, I mean the space you work from, from 09:00 till 17:00? how has it changed from 2020 to 2021?

Most of us started off with a camp chair, then it was a camp chair with a cushion for comfort. then for worktable, most had that folding table, the one that was on the patio/ balcony , bought as an extra serving table / study desk. How about some of us who sat on  the lounge floor with a cushion, the couch as our back support and laptop on the lounge coffee table?

But by now most of us have a dedicated workspace, be it in the 2nd bedroom or corner of our bedrooms or even in the lounge. We have some routine too now.

Yes, it has been an interesting year, full of adjustments. One thing that I have learned is that having a nice worki Beng space is a must. Because we are still spending many hours at work... remotely. And the realization that people can work from home, means for some this may be their new normal. Some companies are allowing their employees to work in the office on a rotational basis, meaning that home office isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. And we are loving it.

So how can you make it your home office or workspace more comfortable? How can you create a beautiful space, that motivates you to work and be productive?

  • Get a spot with enough natural light to set up your workspace.
  • A comfortable chair, with good back back support
  • A small desk, with enough space for your essentials
  • A small desk plant
  • A picture of your pet or loved ones
  • Colour plays a big role, but if you are renting your home, little can be done here without your landlord's giving a green light. But if you own your space,a natural uplifting wall paint can go a long way, For us renting, we can hang a nice, uplifting painting and even a blackboard to write motivational quotes every day

What have you done to make your work space comfortable for you? We would love to see your workspace pictures. Please share yours with us.

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